Baylor Philosopher Receives National Recognition for the Excellence of His Published Research

September 18, 2023

By Randy Fiedler, Baylor University College of Arts & Sciences Marketing and Communications

Yoaav Isaacs
Dr. Yoaav Isaacs

WACO, Texas (September 18, 2023) – A Baylor philosophy professor is a co-author of what has been judged one of the best academic journal articles published last year.

Yoaav Isaacs, Ph.D., associate professor of philosophy in the College of Arts & Sciences, had his article "Multiple Universes and Self-Locating Evidence" selected as one of the 10 journal articles included in the 2022 Philosopher’s Annual. The article, co-written with Dr. John Hawthorne and Dr. Jeffrey Russell of the University of Southern California, grew out of research Isaacs is doing under a grant from the Templeton Foundation.

“The list of nominating editors for the Philosopher’s Annual is a veritable who’s who of our discipline,” said Todd Buras, Ph.D., chair and associate professor of philosophy. “Just to have an article nominated is, in itself, a tremendous recognition. For Dr. Isaacs to have his article selected for the publication –– well, that is an exceedingly rare accomplishment.”

“Receiving this award was a profound and unexpected pleasure,” Isaacs said. “I am deeply grateful to my co-authors, John Hawthorne and Jeff Russell, who are each extraordinary philosophers. It is truly a privilege to collaborate with them.”

Buras said the journal article written by Isaacs and his co-authors deals with a central issue within the field of philosophy — the existence of God.

“Yoaav’s essay addresses some of the thorniest issues in the philosophical literature on a major argument for the existence of God –– the fine-tuning argument,” Buras said. “It is therefore not only an impactful work of the highest standard, it is first-rate work on issues of central importance to Christian, and broadly theistic, philosophy.  The work is a real credit to Baylor, the very sort of work the University aspires to contribute to the academy.”